Professional Services—Utilities Introduction

Wise Men has been working within the Electric, Gas and Water Utility industry for 21+ years. We have extensive experience providing system architecture, system design, development and managed services. Wise Men has specialized expertise in Grid Modernization, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Smart Grid, Analytics and Analytic Platforms (Back Office and Edge), Systems Integration, Production Support, ERP Systems and Security Architecture & Integration. Our teams have also been involved in the development and deployment of some of the largest IOT systems globally. In the current changing landscape for Electric, Gas and Water Utilities, Wise Men is a valuable partner to help Utilities embrace digital transformation in their business, both from within the data center and at the edge.


Enterprise Architecture

Wise Men has extensive experience in Enterprise Architecture development for our Utility clients.? Many on the team at Wise Men have been involved in the development of Smart Grid Systems for major utilities around the world. This has led to a deep understanding of Utility back office systems and how to architect/integrate systems to solve Utilities issues from a real-world perspective. Wise Men has been integral in the development of several large utilities Smart Grid and Grid Modernization architectures, both within the back-office and field components. Wise Men can provide professional services to asses current and define future Enterprise Architecture needs for utilities.


Design and Development

Wise Men has a very experienced team of software engineers to provide design and development services. Most of the core development team has more than 15 years of development experience working in the Utility vertical. ?Additionally, we have expertise in Database Design and Data Modeling.? Wise Men has provided development services for Itron’s MDM and AMI Head End, as well as SAP for the HANA database. Wise Men has also provided extensive development services for Itron and Mitsubishi Electric for system integration between Itron’s OpenWay Collection Engine and the Melco BLenDer AMI system. Wise Men development services are fluent in a large collection of languages and a broad range of database technologies. We have extensive experience in both traditional software architecture as well as cloud-based solutions, including Microservice design and development. This allows Wise Men to develop best in breed solutions for our customers.


Project Management

Wise Men has experienced Project Managers which have worked on deployment, integration, de-commissioning, projects within the Utility. We have managed projects from small scale with single system integration to very large scale with large numbers of systems being integrated across Engineering & Planning and Control domains within the Utility. Our Project Management teams not only know the Tools and Processes of project management but have considerable domain expertise within the utilities vertical.



The Wise Men team has extensive knowledge and experience in building secure products and systems, and assisting other companies do the same. ?We have worked in all deployment scenarios, from intranet-based software systems, to IoT devices deployed in adversarial conditions. We can provide strategic and tactical assistance in security architecture development and review, threat modeling, vulnerability analysis, key custody and management, risk analysis and risk mitigation, penetration testing, continuity and Disaster Recovery and network and IP security.? Wise Men security services can assist utilities navigate the increasingly stringent security policies which must be adhered to in a Modernized Grid.