Data Management

Data Management is multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM). While, most companies apply MDM primarily to customer and product data, there is a rising need to incorporate multiple domains in emerging areas, such as social, location, financials, etc. into MDM


Wise Men’s Data Management Services enables organizations to integrate, transform and improve data through advanced data integration and MDM with adequate governance and control. Our Data Modeling Services can be seamlessly integrated with legacy systems leading to enhanced productivity and reduced costs. With smart and advanced Data Integration, our solution helps you to get data in multiple formats with real-time, actionable insights. Our offerings broadly fall into these following categories:

  • Data Modeling Services
  • Data Discovery Services
  • Data Quality Services
  • Advanced Data Integration Services
  • Master Data Management Services
  • Metadata Management Services
  • Data Governance and Migration Services


Wise Men brings the following expertise in Data Management:

  • Comprehensive Industry Experience

We have 22 years of deep industry experience delivering cost-effective services that includes data management services which enables our customers to focus on their core competencies as well as enhance business productivity.


  • Adherence to Deadlines

All projects are initiated with minimal delay, following consultation with our clients. Our teams of data management professionals work with dedication to ensure that all tasks are completed within the agreed upon turnaround time.


  • Emphasis on Data Accuracy

We ensure that all tasks are completed with greater than 99% accuracy.


  • Streamlined Processes

Wise Men follow methodical and systematic procedures for all projects ensuring streamlined process flow from the beginning to the completion of the project.


  • Uninterrupted and Dedicated Communication

Clients are informed at all times about the status of the project.


  • Scalability

The project can be scaled as per the changing dynamics of the project; the team can be ramped up or down within a short span of time depending on the requirements.


  • Security

We ensure that our processes and systems are compliant with standard data security and confidentiality stipulations. As a CMMI Level 3 and ISO 27001 certified company, we ensure that necessary practices are in place, at all times, to guarantee the safety of our client’s data.